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M.U.T.O at Seaside Sessions

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live news

Did you make it to The Alexander Centre on Friday? If so, you know it was an incredible night, featuring four stunning performances. Subject to successful editing, M.U.T.Os set will be available on YouTube in the very near future.

Crawling from the rubble comes another monster gig. On 21st Feb, get your weary selves to Elsewhere in Margate, and proceed to rock till you can rock no more. Then perhaps, scream for more and rock even harder ??

Finally, the Ashford gig on 28th Feb has unfortunately been canceled. If anyone can offer any gigs in and around Ashford, then please email us.



Faversham Beer Festival

You may already know that M.U.T.O are at Faversham Beer Festival, but what you don’t know is that behind closed doors, final confirmations for more festivals are just round the corner. Festivals give local bands a real chance to bring their music to a wider audience, so as we announce festival dates near you in the coming months, please help us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even (dare we say it?) by actually talking to people.


The countdown to M.U.T.O on Live and Listed officially begins tomorrow. In fact, their first show is tomorrow with Folkstone experimental rock band The Fix, and well worth a listen.

And of course, the superbly weird Chat and Spin welcome mine and your favourite silky voiced thereminister Struan on Saturday 16th Feb at 2:30 pm and Sunday at 10:30 am.


Time is fast running out to enter our exclusive, email subscribers only competition. Closing date is 28th Feb, so sign up today for your chance to win a signed CD and some sweet M.U.T.O merchandise!

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