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With great pride, we present to you our delightful new shop. The best thing is, there are there are no price$! You can just pay whatever suits you.

All sales from the shop are going towards the recording of our next release, Avalanche. You can even preorder it with loads of great benefits, and it comes with an unlisted heap of M.U.T.O gratitude.

Here’s a a little preview of our products for you.



Next, we’d like to introduce you to some playlists we are hosting. You may already know about MUTO Mike’s Magnificent Melange, put together exclusively by MUTO riff churner Mike Sperring, but we have also added Cyborg Struan’s Sensational Slice, for a taste of disco freak and MUTO frontman Struan Robertson’s musical pallette.

While we prepare the BOKinde (Best of Kent Independant Music) playlist, you can have a taste of the upcoming Maidstone Fringe.

Below this post is a random pick from our Spotify profile, but they are also available from Apple Music –

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