MUTO BEEZ_ single cover

Say hello to our latest release – a little MUTO sampler you can share with your friends, featuring fan favourites Kill All The Bees and Phoenix. It’s available now on Spotify, and soon to appear on Apple Music as well as other digital services.

We have also moved into the realm of playlist creation. Now you can delve into the murky mind of MUTO riff churner, Mike Sperring with his handpicked playlist, MUTO Mike’s Magnificent Melange. It will be updated regularly, so be sure to follow it on Spotify or Apple Music.

And we have yet another playlist for you, featuring the bands playing at this year’s Maidstone Fringe festival, The festival will showcase the most exciting live music around, so why not get a little taste of what’s going on there. Again, you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music.

If that wasn’t enough, we have nother playlist in the works, but there will be more on that in the coming weeks. Please help us out by following these playlists, and sharing them with your friends and family!


And Finally…

We want to record the next EP for you, and are trying everything to bring it to fruition. We hope we can rely on your faith, trust and support for our latest idea. We want to crowdfund the recording, but all those platforms take their chunk, and we don’t really need a lot, probably under £1,000.

We have set a paypal account, muto@mutoband.com, and we’re asking for you to donate what you feel a new 4-5 track EP would be worth. Once we get enough to record it, any supporters who paid will have free access to the downloads, and when we hit a level to produce CDs there will be an exclusive launch party for you, with a live performance from M.U.T.O and a couple of our favourite local bands, along with, of course, a CD of the EP. One lucky person at the event will win a drum skin signed by the band. 

So we know what the payment is for, please add a note, and just type Avalanche EP.

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